The Loopfeeder

The Loopfeeder

Project: The Loopfeeder
Client: Nicholls Boreholes

Nicholls Boreholes is a leading borehole drilling company based in West Sussex with customers ranging from London’s Olympic Park to individual home owners. With state of the art equipment deployed across multiple sites, achieving and maintaining high levels of efficiency and productivity is key and can present an ongoing challenge.

Nicholls contacted B&G with a view to developing a mechanised alternative to the existing time-consuming and labour intensive borehole probe installation process.

Working from the customer’s original idea and in collaboration with their designers, we were able to help our client realise their vision and produce a final product which has proved to be an outstanding success.

This new Hydraulic Loop Feeder, comprising a hydraulic motor powering 3 driver rollers and pinch rollers, is compatible with most geothermal drilling rigs and is a significant improvement on the traditional hand installation technique. The product achieved CE certification and has been sold in Europe and North America. B&G Machining have also developed and manufactured other products for Nicholls Boreholes.

“Having worked with B & G Machining for over 15 years, we are extremely pleased with their skill and understanding. They helped realise out the Loopfeeder concept, manufactured prototypes and are producing the final product with continuous improvements and client specific alterations.

We would recommend B & G Machining to other companies – they go the extra mile.”

Ben Nicholls, Managing Director, Nicholls Boreholes