St Austell Station AFA Scheme

As part of a national programme to improve access to the UK’s rail network, B&G Machining supplied and installed a stainless steel water catchment system to the entire structure. Read more >

Steelwork-Image-9-Wash-Gantry 250x175

Wash Gantry for R&W Civil Engineering Ltd

As part of a national programme to improve access to the UK’s rail network, B&G Machining supplied and installed a stainless steel water catchment system …  Read more >

HWRC Access Gantry for Hampshire CC

Hampshire County Council’s new £1m waste recycling plant provides modern up to date recycling services to thousands of households in the Havant area. The final phase of the building programme … Read more >


fabrication - loopfeeder

The Loopfeeder

Nicholls developed an alternative to the existing time-consuming and labour intensive borehole probe installation process. We produced a final product which has proved to be an outstanding success. Read more >

Fabrication Image 6 sm Poolside Handrailing

Poolside handrailing

As part of the redesign of the poolside area, the customer required the refurbishment of existing bronze handrailing and the addition of a stainless steel staircase of a complementary design to … Read more >


Techflush Unit

The innovative Techflush unit was developed by leading highway repair specialists Techjoint Ltd to enable the effective use of high pressure cleansing methods when flushing buried drains and highway expansion joints. Read more >



Quayside Handrailing “The Hard Interchange” Portsmouth

As part of the renewal, we fabricated and installed a galvanised & powdercoated post and handrail system from welded lasercut profiles. Read more >

Welding image 3 smTrash Grille

Ascot Flood Prevention Trash Grille

As part of a programme of flood management works in Ascot, our client undertook a schedule of works including the resculpting of existing waterways and the creation of two new brick headways. Read more >



The Dando Wind Pump Engine Restoration

As part of the restoration process, we machined and fitted new bushes, replaced the cross shaft, built up and re machined the main pivot shaft. Read more >

Turning image 4 sm Biopsy Tip

The Marine Megafauna Foundation – Sampling Biopsy Tips

The Marine Megafauna Foundation was created in 2009 to research, protect and conserve the populations of marine species such as … Read more >


Titanium turnbuckles

Machined in titanium to the client’s specifications and design, these prototype turnbuckles were produced specifically to be used in … Read more >


case - milling

Lock Component Modifications

Our customer contacted us with a brief to produce a mount plate and lock mechanism that could be retro fitted and convert Chubb isolator boltwork to Euro-footprint. Read more >


Customised wheel centre

The idea for this customised wheel centre was inspired by the unique centre nut fixing used on Formula 1 cars. Read more >



Sandown Cutting I.O.W.

B&G Machining supplied and fitted capping steelwork and handrailing to our customer’s site in Sandown. As a result of slippage, the cutting required complete reinstatement which was carried … Read more >


Paddington Station Ticket Office

The project to refurbish the existing flagship ticket office at Paddington Station, involved a full internal strip out and formation of a new office Read more >


Didcot Railway station DDA Access Ramp and handrailing

The customer contacted us with an urgent requirement for the supply and installation of an access ramp with handrailing at Didcot Station. Read more >