Sampling Biopsy Tips


Sampling Biopsy Tips

Project: Sampling Biopsy Tips
Client: The Marine Megafauna Foundation

The Marine Megafauna Foundation was created in 2009 to research, protect and conserve the populations of marine species such as sharks, rays, marine mammals and turtles found along the Mozambican coast. From their base at Tofo beach, the MMF team carry out extensive research with the aim of developing long term conservation policies and increasing global awareness.

As part of their research, the team regularly take samples from a wide variety of species. MMF needed to develop an effective, adaptable biopsy method that could be used on a variety of different sized spearing poles. In consultation with the research team, we produced a stainless steel biopsy sample tip, machined to produce a barbed tube capable of efficiently retrieving a small sample from a wide range of species. The biopsy tips are also supplied with a range of screw on adaptors enabling the tips to be used on any size spear pole.

Click here to see our biopsy tips in action.

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