The Dando Wind Pump Engine Restoration

The Dando Wind Pump Engine Restoration

Project: The Dando Wind Pump Engine restoration
Client : Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre

Set in the South Downs National Park, Amberley Museum & Heritage centre is a working museum dedicated to the industrial heritage of the South East. Many of the exhibits date back 150 years and are maintained in working order by a dedicated team of experts and volunteers.

Many of the working machines can be regularly seen in action and make fascinating viewing. To find out more about the centre visit

One of the most impressive exhibits at the centre is the Duke & Ockenden “Dando” wind pump. This historic wind engine was in a very poor condition with extensive work required to return the moving parts to a working state. As part of the restoration process, we machined and fitted new bushes, replaced the cross shaft, built up and re-machined the main pivot shaft & bearings and reconditioned the housing.

“The museum appreciated finding a local machine shop with the interest, expertise and facilities to successfully refurbish this antique machinery. Thanks to B&G’s work and assistance, the museum hopes to have the refurbishment complete in Spring 2017 and that this historic equipment will continue pumping water for another hundred years.”

David Ballantyne, Amberley Museum.